Oil on canvas, magnolia leaf skeletons, composition gold leaf

Sacred Heart of the Blessed Mother Gaia
(Earth Mother of Galactic Origin)
“They must find it hard to take truth for authority, who have so long mistaken authority for truth.”
~ Gerald Massey, amateur Egyptologist

There are fragments of stories found in religious texts and myths around the world, that describe beings from the heavens.  Comparing cultural notes, we find legends of giants, tales handed down of people who flew in aircrafts thousands of years before the industrial revolution, descriptions of beings with powers that we can only interpret as allegorical.  Archeological sites and ruins around the globe all point to an ancient race of people, far more technologically advanced than ourselves.  Whatever the truth behind the myths, all signs seem to indicate that this planet we now call our home was once inhabited by a very advanced, very different people than ourselves, and perhaps was still inhabited by these people as early as the end of the Stone Age (9600–3300 BCE).

This is one interpretation of how these ancient races may have appeared.  This is the creation story of Eve, (the “Mother all of living”) viewed through the extra-terrestrial lens; not simply as a single individual female, but rather, the donor of genetic material that gave rise to our current manifestation; or even perhaps representing an entire race of beings.  She is pictured here, in a style similar to that of religious icon paintings, such as  Pompeo Batoni’s painting of the Sacred Heart of Jesus (1760).  Offering her very human heart from her chest in a gesture of beneficence, light issues from the hole in her chest, and from her eyes.  A barely perceptible tear streams down one cheek (a reference to the Mater Dolorosa).

The second layer of meaning of course, is the reference to Gaia (or Gaea) the Greek goddess of the Earth. She was one of the primordial elemental deities, born at the dawn of creation. Gaia was the great mother of all creation and mortal creatures were born directly from her earthy flesh, just as we are are nourished and sustained by the Earth.

The Eve/Earth “mother of all” metaphors continues…  
The ten magnolia leaf skeletons covering her reproductive organs are a reference to the Biblical story of Adam and Eve eating of the Tree of Life (or Tree of Knowledge), and then covering themselves with leaves before being evicted from Eden; as well as a reference to the ten Sefirot of the Kabbalistic Tree of Life.  The magnolia is associated with the planet Venus and the element earth.  Additionally, by way of their obscuration, the magnolia leaves suggest asexual reproduction (a nod to the theory that the current hominid, Homo Sapiens, may have been created using genetic engineering and/or cloning).  The number ten is echoed again in the metal-leaf decagram halo above her head.

Finally, the crop circles burned into the altar frame are the “Planetary Crop Circle” (upper left corner), an astronomical diagram which appeared at Avebury Manor in England on July 15, 2008 and which alludes to the 5,125-year Mayan Long count calendar, which was said to end on December 23, 2012.  All nine planets appeared in this crop circle almost exactly as they were located in space on December 23, 2012.  This seems to indicate an awareness of advanced astrological mapping and ancient calendrical systems in use on this planet.

The second crop circle, “Crooked Soley” (upper right corner), which appeared at Crooked Soley in Wiltshire, England on August 27, 2002 (roughly 50 km from Cambridge, one of Earth’s centers for scientific research).  The inclusion of this crop circle is yet another intimation that there may be clues to our origins hidden in our DNA.  Despite its elegantly simplistic design, this crop circle contains so much complex information that a book has been written about it.
The following is adapted from a literature review of the book “Crooked Soley: A Crop Circle Revelation” by Allan Brown and John Michell:

“The crop pattern was made up of 1296 ‘curved squares’. In 504 of those squares, the crop was left standing, so as to depict a closed-circular, double-helical DNA of three turns. The other 792 squares were flattened.  

“The human nucleosome core contains about seven turns of DNA for every full “superhelical” turn, rather than three as shown at Crooked Soley.

“5040 has been quoted as an important number in some types of numerology.
Using round figures, the sum of the radii of both Earth and her Moon (in miles) is 3960 + 1080 = 5040.”

Read more about “Crooked Soley” at Crop Circle Connector.

Crop circles might offer proof that there may be advanced technology currently in use on this planet, of which at least the vast majority of humans are ignorant.